Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sticking sticks

Not much to report this week, I've just been carrying on sticking the sticks on.  In fact, I've just about run out of sticks, despite buying 3 packets (30 pieces of styrene) so we went back to Hobbycraft to get two more packets today.  The styrene cuts easily with modelling clippers, and it is pretty easy to stick them down on the pre-drawn pencil lines.  I gave all the sticks a primer coat of white spray paint before using them (except the ones on the front which I will have to undercoat because I didn't think of spraying them, I was too eager to see what the effect was going to look like...).  My chimney looks a lot better now with the stick-ing applied.

I'm still debating what to do about the porch and conservatory.  I am reasonably happy with bashing the kit porch railings to make my new front porch.  But the conservatory on the original Pickett Hill (PH) house is such a feature.  I have a 1/24th MDF greenhouse kit from The Dollshouse Builder that I was wondering if I could use or adapt.  But it looks clunky compared to the original PH airy laser-cut conservatory.  Also, the roof angle on the Fairfield gable is so much steeper than 90 degrees, so I would have to kitbash the greenhouse roof to a new angle.

I am tempted to scratchbuild a conservatory out of bits and bobs to fit the steep roof angle, but it's never going to look as good as the PH.  I need to make my mind up because I can't stick sticks on that back wall until I know where the roof of the conservatory is going to attach to the house.

Also, once I have decided what shape the conservatory is going to be, I will be able to cut out the landscape base for the entire house to sit on, out of MDF.  Then I can sit the house on that, and build the conservatory base, porch steps etc. 

I remarked to my husband that I have no idea where this house is going to go, once I've finished it, as we have a very small real house.  He just smacked his head and rolled his eyes, he is a long-suffering miniaturist's husband.

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  1. Aren't long-suffering miniaturist husbands wonderful? Mine has no interest in miniatures at all but he will cut things for me or buy kits as gifts for me. I'm very fortunate. Just wish he shared my interest1


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