Sunday, 16 May 2010

Quick check in

Not much to report this week because I've been away for a long weekend.

Painting the external walls
I have decided to go ahead and paint all the walls except the conservatory wall.  I didn't want to mask the window cutouts with masking tape in case it damaged the wallpaper. I happened to have a roll of American Glad 'Press n Seal' wrap, which is a bit like a cellophane that is slightly tacky on one side.  It welds to itself worse than clingfilm, but will also stick lightly to surfaces.  So I've cut pieces of that to put behind every window cut out and pressed it onto the wallpaper, then backed it with light card (cereal packet) held in place by wadded up teatowels in the room.  I've put on one coat so far of white house emulsion and will keep applying coats until I have a good finish.

Keli left a comment to say how nice the conservatory would look if it were made out of leftover porch pieces.  She has some but perhaps doesn't want to post them overseas, but now I am wondering if I could cut out some pieces of wood to make the conservatory look more like the front porch.  I don't think I could manage the balustrades though, but perhaps the curly bits at the top.  Need more time to work on this...  And I'm busy next weekend as well.  Why can't I win the lottery and devote myself full-time to this project?  Note to self: buy more lottery tickets.  :)


  1. I don't mind posting them overseas. I can afford to, and I'd get enjoyment out of watching you make a conservatory out of them. If you don't take them, I'm going to end up throwing them in the trash.

  2. I have been enjoying your blog for quite awhile and just took time to be a member so i can tell you how much i love what you are doing. I have a Fairfield and i will want to make changes. Mine won't be as cool as yours, however.


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