Friday, 21 May 2010

And another coat of paint... and another

I have managed to get four coats of white emulsion paint onto the house this week, and will apply what will hopefully be the final coat tomorrow.  Partly it has taken this long as, because I am applying white on top of white, I need excellent light to see what I am doing, which is only available when the evening sun is slanting in the kitchen window right after I get home.  The family are getting used to the reply "when I've finished this coat of paint" as the answer to the question "When's supper?"  The paint I am using does not cover very well, but I suppose it's good that it isn't thick and goo-ey as I am able to get a much better finish without clogging up my sticks.  The paint has helped to meld the sticks to the background and the walls look fairly convincing now, I think.  And it gives a lovely matt finish, better than I think I would have got with craft paint.

Keli has extremely generously offered to ship me her spare porch pieces all the way from Michigan, so that I can use them for the conservatory build.  While I am waiting for those, I think I will build the front porch.  I could start gluing in the windows, but I am hesitant to start blocking access to the rooms until I am sure I don't need it - for example, for gluing in cornice, skirting etc.

The other fiddly job in my future is to create interior window frames for the Grandtline windows.  I suspect these were originally aimed at model railroad hobbyists as they don't come with an internal frame.  You wouldn't need one if you were just applying it to a railroad model house.  I am planning to cut interior frames out of something like light card or plastikard.


  1. The paint job looks very nice!

    I was going to say that you will definitely need access through the windows and doors to put in the cornice and skirting in the hallway and foyer, but you've done away with those in your bash, haven't you?

    Your conservatory pieces are on the way, you should have them by the time you finish the porch.

    I sent you all my extra pieces, because I didn't know what other parts could be repurposed, or if you might need the wood to trace and cut additional porch pieces. I'm looking forward to watching you transform them.

  2. Don't be silly, your conservatory is fabulous! But I know how you feel, my minis are on picturetrail and all I see when I look at them is the faults!!! Also, tons of people have looked at them and only one person has commented! Argh!

    Anyway, I am following your work very closely as I am building the Fairfield as well. I am not doing the Lydia Pickett but mine will look similar because i am finishing the outside with the sticks as well and making the inside shabby chic.

    I just couldn't eliminate the tower because I love it so much but I love your entrance and so I doubled the width of the tower so I could do a similar entrance. I also added the Picket Hill fireplace they way you did.
    I am not doing a conservatory because i wanted the kitchen sink on that wall and so I built a bay window there.

    You have inspired me to kit bash my Fairfield and I think I will love it much more when it is done.

    Thank you so much and keep posting!! Now get back to work!!

    Denise Sanders in California

  3. All I can say is WOW! Job well done. I always find kit bashing is more fiddly than building from scratch. I am very impressed!

  4. I think I might be inspired to kitbash my Fairfield too! I will keep the tower because that is one of the features I fell in love with - what, 15 year? - ago, but will have to think about what changes to make.


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