Sunday, 9 May 2010

A deep breath before tackling conservatory

More sticking last night and today, and I've now stuck on all the sticks I can.  I can't do the back wall until the conservatory is built because I'm afraid to risk ending up with gaps if the roof ends up a slightly different shape than planned.  Here are some pics of the sticks.

After a lot of thought and playing around with bits of wood, I've decided to attempt to scratchbuild my conservatory.  The MDF greenhouse just wasn't cutting it.  When we were at Hobbycraft I was looking at their limited supply for anything that looked like it could be transformed into a conservatory.  I came home with (don't laugh) railway track and plastic canvas doorhanger needlework shapes.  The door hangers have a circle moulded into them so that you can fit them over a doorknob after stitching.  I already had some Northeastern Scale Lumber Gingerbread Trim GBA-1 sourced through Judith of In Some Small Way.  I am hoping to transform all of these into a passable conservatory.  It may be a complete disaster, so please appreciate that I am being brave by telling you of my intentions up front, instead of trying it first then burying the atrocity in the back garden and pretending it never happened.


  1. Love your vertical board house and your pieces for the conservatory look great, I am sure you will make it work.

  2. Good on you for haing the courage to think outside the box and give it a go! I look forward to seeing the result!

  3. I am building a Fairfield as well, and am also kit-bashing, though not as extensively as you are. I am using after-market doors, windows, stairs, banisters and trim. I still have all of the porch pieces, window and door trim, etc...that came with my kit. If you can use them to build a conservatory I would be happier to mail them to you then I would be to throw them away.

    I know the conservatory and porch match on the Lydia Pickett house, and though that if you used my porch pieces to make a conservatory you could make the conservatory and porch match on your house as well.

  4. Very brave of you to show us before making the conservatory but I know you'll do a wonderful job. I'm looking forward to reading how you did it....


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