Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wishing I could take pictures of my mind's eye

As I said in reply to one of the commenters (and thanks for your comments - love getting them all!), I get a bit depressed doing the interior trim because it never turns out as good as I think it should - as I can see it in my mind's eye.  Somehow, deficiencies in accuracy or scale seem more forgiveable on the exterior of a house (perhaps they add to its charm?), whereas in an interior, the out-of-scale, or a crudely-done join, seems to leap out at me.

Before I start exhibiting the results, I want to show off my glue-bottle stand.  My f-i-l made this to my specifications, and he did a great job.  It's all beautifully sanded and even has felt on the bottom.  It holds three bottles of tacky glue upside down so that a) they are always ready to use, and b) the annoying little bit left in an almost empty bottle will get used up.

The other thing I did this week was to start painting the base in grass green, in preparation for the day when I glue green flock onto it.  It needs another coat.  DH said that it makes the house look smaller now that it isn't sitting on a big piece of wood colour base.

Then I gave my cornice a couple of light coats of white spray paint, and then a couple of coats of white acrylic paint.

I applied skirting to the mezzanine floor, but left off the right hand piece for now as it will have to fit behind the mezzanine railing.  Because the windows are lower to the floor in this room (I had to lower them in order that the front window would fit between the porch roof and the top of the wall), I had to switch to a narrower stick for the skirting.

Then I glued in the cornicing in the mezzanine room.  I am using a simple curved cornice in this room, painted white to match the ceiling.  I am cutting it using a saw and mitre box.  Usually I use wood clippers to cut my sticks, but I find that they crush the cornicing so I use the saw instead.  I am also using the tip that if you have a few 'feathers' of wood sticking out after you have cut a mitre, don't try to sand them off.  Instead, just snip them off with sharp small scissors for a clean cut.  After all the mitre is glued in, I touch up the mitred join with a bit more white paint.

On the window wall, because the window frames extend almost to the ceiling, I had to cut notches in the cornicing to fit around the frame.

On the ground floor, I was able to press my trusty coffee stirrers into service as braces, while the glue dries.

The tricky bit on the ground floor was to fit the cornice around the dog-leg above the door to the kitchen. I found the correct length by cutting bits of coffee stirrer until they fit in, then used the coffee stirrer as a guide to cut the cornice to length.

I've just started working on my mezzanine railing.  I had drawn the outline of the floor in pencil on some paper, before I assembled the house.  Now I am using that as a guide for cutting the railing base.


  1. I love the walls in this pretty! Like I said before, this house is gorgeous!

  2. When I read "I had drawn the outline of the floor in pencil on some paper, before I assembled the house" I expected the next sentence to read "but now I can't find where I put it", because that's what I would have done. You are always a step ahead of me though...which is why I appreciate such tips as cleaning a miter cut with scissors instead of by sanding.

    The last picture in this post is a startling view...the alterations you've made to the Fairfield turn it into a house I can't recognize sometimes.

    The glue bottle stand is neat, I use an old heavy coffee cup with a broken handle.

  3. Great idea for the glue bottles, mine too are upside down in various containers. lol I cant believe how much trim your able to get in there I was not brave enough to put in trim around my ceilings. Looking great!!

  4. love the glue holder, going on the honey do list. You have a knack for explaining your project easy to understand. Particularly love the mezzanine. thanks L J

  5. You've done a great job of the cornices - great tip to use the coffee stirrers to hold the trim in place. Love the glue bottle stand. I usually have several of the fine-tipped bottles of different glues going and would love to have one of those. Must show my DH


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