Sunday, 10 October 2010

Continuing to add detail

It hasn't been a joyous week, as it is has been a bit stressful at work, but I have plodded on with the house in the evenings when I get a chance.

I built the top on the chimney.  First I added some trim around the top of the chimney (former candy floss stick).

 Then I mitered some wider stick around the chimney to form the top.

After painting the chimney top white, I painted the slot black to suggest the chimney void.

I finished the back edge of the bathroom wall with a coffee stirrer painted to match the roof.  After I took this picture, I drybrushed the strip and sealed it.

Contemplating the mezzanine floor, I realised that before I add the railing along the edge, I will need to finish the room (windows, cornice, skirting etc.) while it is still accessible.  Not feeling up to facing that yet, I started working on the stair railing.  I am using a bit of railing that I cut off the top of the stair end wall when I reversed the stairway.

I added a post at the top of the stair.

And I added coffee stirrers to trim out the top of the railing.  The pieces on the floor will form the top of the railing.  And I'm painting some very small trim to run along the foot of the railings to hide the gap between the railings and the floor.  The last step will be to touch up all the paint.


  1. ¡Uf! ¡Cuánto Trabajo! El remate de la chimenea està perfecto. Mucho me gusta de como terminas la Obra.
    El paso a paso of this construccion me està Enseñando Mucho.
    Besos Clara

  2. It's looking good!


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