Sunday, 24 October 2010

Trimming, and discovering yet again that I really can't count

This week I refined the shape of my six windowframes, and painted them with several coats of 'Bleached Bone' to match the other trim in the house. Using a spare window, I fitted each window in the doubleheight room in turn, gluing on the interior frame.  I'm not actually gluing in the external windows yet because they are so fragile with their slender mullions.  I'd already broken the spare window.

Of course, I eventually discovered that this house has, in fact, seven windows, not six.  Once again I have proven my complete inability to count accurately - a deficiency which has hampered me in several hobbies (try doing'counted' cross stitch!).  This means that my 'spare' window isn't spare after all, so now I have to decide whether to order another one (which takes ages) or see if I can fix it.  I also need to make a seventh window frame to match the other six.

I've started applying the skirting boards as well.  You can see the skirting in the living room in the above picture, and I've applied some of the skirting in the kitchen.  I can't do all of the kitchen because I'm not sure where all the kitchen furniture is going yet, and I may need to butt cupboards up against walls. Similarly, I can't do the bedrooms yet because I don't know what's going in them (there is no Lydia Pickett bedroom furniture in half-inch scale apart from the master bedroom).

I also framed around the conservatory doors with coffee stirrers, which match the thickness of the Houseworks doors better than the plastic strip I am using for skirting.


  1. ¡Cuantas ventanas! Estas trabajando mucho. ¿Esa ventana que te falta la necesitas? Te lo digo porque si en la habitacion hay otra ese hueco lo puedes convertir en hornacina, estateria empotrada. Y así no tienes que encanrgar otr.
    Los marcos de las puertas muy bien colocados y muy baratos :)
    Sigue contando tus avances.
    Besos Clara

  2. This house is so pretty! Everything you do in it is fantastic!

  3. Well that's just downright poopy that they didn't make the children's bedrooms in half scale. Are you going to incorporate children's rooms anyway, using your own furniture, or are you going to do something else with those rooms?

    I laughed with you at the window miscount, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does that.

    The hose is looking fantastic. Trim, especially mitered cornice and baseboard, is my least favorite part too. It helps to keep in mind that the fun will start again as soon as the work is done.

  4. I am also glad I'm not the only one when it comes to miscounting! I still haven't done the cornices in my quarter scale PH because I don't like doing them in the quilling paper supplied and I hate doing them in the shaped timber too. Fiddly and I'm sure to make mistakes.


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