Sunday, 3 October 2010

Does shopping count?

Due to a busy week at work, including having to work on Saturday, not much has been done on the house this week apart from touching up some of the white paint around the green shingles.  Despite all the clingfilm and masking tape, a very small amount of green paint ended up where it shouldn't have, so I've cleaned that up now.

However, I did get to go to Miniatura today, the biggest (I think) dollshouse show in the UK, held at the National Exhibition Centre on the outskirts of Birmingham.  I was on a tighter budget than in previous years, due to being made redundant last year and having to take a lower paying job, but I still managed to do quite well on the acquisition front for the Fairfield.

I got some greenery for taking up the wall of the conservatory from Judith of In Some Small Way, and I've ordered some 1/24th clematis blossoms from Georgina Steeds to glue onto the greenery.  I got some Kitchen worktop in a stone-like pattern which I will cut to fit onto the kitchen kit I bought from Judith last year.  From the same stall I bought a Mini rolling pin and Two wall shelves.  I got a pretty  little pot from Elisabeth Causeret of France.  From the Dollshouse Builder, I bought 3 packs of spindles for my mezzanine railing.  I found some extremely reasonably priced kits from Model Village Miniatures to make a small book case, tall book case, Tudor cupboard, 2 nightstands, 2 chairs, settle, small side table, and a square table.  And I got card Kits from Petite Properties to make a corner wall shelf, wall cupboard, chest of drawers (non working) and Tall cupboard.  I was hoping to find a 1/24th scale pond for the garden, but only saw one at the show and it had that wobbly jelly sort of water which I don't like.

I am hoping to get more done this week.  I need to build the top of the chimney next, and finish off the exposed edge of the bathroom wall.  Then I think it will be time to tackle the mezzanine stair railing, balcony railing and then the bedroom doors, before putting in the last wall dividing the two bedrooms.  I may paint the base grass green in preparation for later flocking as well.

I've had to block anonymous comments from the blog, as I was getting more and more spammers posting links.  I hope that isn't inconveniencing any genuine readers, apologies if that is the case.


  1. ¡Muy buena compra! Es una lástima que tengas pocas horas libres, las miniaturas esperan.
    Besos Clara.

  2. looks like you were able to get lots of miniature treasures!!!

  3. It's sad that there weren't more half scale LP kits released, but you have done really well with the kits you bought. The house just looks so much like the PH it's amazing!


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