Monday, 29 August 2011

Nothing much to blog this week, sorry

The only minis I had time for this week were a few printables for the boy's room:  board games, a KFC fast food carton, a few more posters.  It was a short week as I had a half day on Thursday to collect my son's GCSE exam results (hugely important national exams for 16 year olds, which he aced, the lovely boy), and a holiday on Friday because it was a long weekend.  So we turned it into a four day weekend and went camping in the Cotswolds in Oxfordshire, near Chipping Norton.  I saw so many gorgeous old honey-coloured stone cottages which would make superb dollshouses.  But the closest I got to mini-dom was seeing a few play dollshouses at a car boot sale (flea market).

Sadly that is our last camping holiday not only for this summer, but probably forever as DH has only ever been lukewarm about camping.  So I've made the sad decision to sell our trailer tent (sob).  Although the passing thought did cross my mind to wonder if I could make  a 1/24th scale model of the trailer tent as a keepsake...

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  1. How about a PP qs kit that you could make into a lovely old honey-coloured stone cottage as a reminder of the Cotswolds too? :-)


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