Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bit late this week

I usually blog on a Sunday but I'm a bit late this week.  Partly because I didn't actually get to the part that I wanted to blog.

Some time ago I printed off these printable French Flower buckets, pitchers and Pots from Miniatures.About.com in three scales.  I've seen pitchers like this on other blogs, but I don't have a lot of experience with printables myself.

So I felt it would prudent to make up the 1/12th versions first, to familiarise myself with the project, before tackling the scarily small bits of paper for the 1/24th versions.

The printables come with coloured backing sheets.  In a perfect world. you would print these doublesided onto heavy paper.  In my world, I printed on normal paper at a location other than my home (which of course wouldn't be my office because that would be against policy) so I had to glue the two layers together, which made some of the printables not entirely flat. I painted both sides with Decoart MultiSealer, which strengthens the paper and gives it a slight sheen.

I tried three pitchers, and a flower planter.  The flower planter is a write off, it came out crooked plus I managed to smear the gold paint that I applied to finish the edges.  The pitchers don't look too bad.  I will put them in my Willowcrest quilt shop as artistic decor.

Making these took me quite a while so I didn't actually get to trying the 1/24th versions (which still look scarily small).


  1. Really sweet! I think using paper for 1/24 scale makes so much sense, as the tiny scale allows paper to become tin, porcelain, whatever else you want it to, with the sealer you pick. Great job as usual!

  2. Te quedaron perfectas! me gustan mucho.
    un abrazo

  3. They look amazing! Just like the real thing. I love the detail on them and the pitcher doesn't look like a write off from here.

    I didn't know about miniatures.about.com; I shall be dropping on by there very soon (but, like you say, not during office hours! ;-o )


  4. I'm so pleased you posted about these - they are just what I need! I have a flower shop in my quarter scale Town Square and have been wanting containers, and am looking for jugs and flower containers in 1/12th and 1/24th scale as well. I do subscribe to About.com but haven't been checking it out lately so now I've done some exploring and found other things to follow up on as well. Love your blog! Hugs Sandie


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