Sunday, 24 July 2011


This week I sewed some bed linen and cushions, and worked more on the castle bed.

For the settle bench, I cut a rectangle of craft foam and wrapped it in burgundy quilting cotton fabric, gluing it underneath with Thick Designer Glue.  I made the cushions the same way that I made the cushions for the Day Bed in the living room, and used the same measurements (roughly 1/2" square).

For the bed mattress, I cut a rectangle of card to be the base, and glued foam (c 1/4" thick) onto the card to be the mattress.  Then I covered it also with burgundy fabric.  The pillow is a three sided bag, about 1/2" wide, which I stuffed with a little polyester stuffing.  I made sure to use the selvedge edges of the fabric for the open end of the pillow, so there is a finished edge.

The duvet is also quilting cotton fabric, and I sewed it like a giant cushion, then fed in a rectangle of thin cotton quilters batting to be the padding.  I hand-stitched the gap at the bottom closed.  I took the measurements from the mattress, but made it shorter and slightly wider.

To make the bed look realistic, I used hidden stitches to catch down the pillow and the duvet, so they would lie flat.  Then I glued the bedding/mattress into the bed structure (which was still open-backed at this point).

To finish the bed (apart from the ladder, which I haven't made yet), I touched up the paint around the artwork edges.  I glued in three cut out shields on the inside wall above the pillow.  Then I cut a piece of thin card to fit the back, and covered it with masonry paper.  I glued this on with tacky glue to completely box in the bed.

Now I need to add lots of accessories, sigh... It all looks far too tidy to be a boy's room.  I think the boy must be older than the little girl, as the room furniture is more adult sized and looks older.  Perhaps he is about 8 or 9, and she is about 4 or 5?

Of course, if I was going to be really realistic, i should drip stains all over the boy's carpet, cover the walls with posters and leave empty plates and glasses stacked here and there   :)


  1. Me encanta como ha quedado, es muy original y seguro que cualquier niño lo querría en su habitación 1:1 :-)

  2. What a wonderful bed - any boy would love it. As for accessories, they will come bit by bit. And the 'mess' will come with the accessories vbg. You are very clever and as you find suitable toys you will think of ways to spread them around so they can be seen well - and in the process make it all nice and untidy!
    Hugs, Sandie


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