Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back from holiday

We spent the past week camping down near Southampton, so I haven't done any work on the house this week.

I took along my copy of the August 2011 issue of Dollshouse and Miniature Scene magazine.  It has instructions for making a 1/24th scale box bed (where the bed is fully enclosed in a wooden shell, like a little room).  I am toying with the idea of making this for the boy's bedroom, although I still like the original Miss LP boat-themed boy's bedroom that is only available in 1/48th scale. Perhaps I could scratch-build a 1/24th version of the boat furniture.

We stopped into the Dolls House, a shop in Whitchurch, Hampshire, which stocks a lot of the cheap imports and Dollshouse Emporium stuff.  She had one lonely 1/24th wine bottle, which I bought to put in the wine rack of my Fairfield kitchen.  I would have bought more if she had them, but that was the only one.  Perhaps my occupants are very occasional drinkers.

As part of a belated spring clean, I have today dismantled my construction station in my bedroom and put away almost everything.  I think the time is coming when this house will move downstairs to join my other houses and I will get that corner of my bedroom back.  I have some paper printables that I want to make up, and I saw a neat idea for bunting that I may try out.  But basically I am coming to the end of the plans and kits that I had for this house.  I will still be looking out for 1/24th scale accessories at future dollshouse shows and keeping an eye out for the perfect boy's room furniture.  I need to do a bit of a tidy up inside the house - and do some dusting! - before it is ready to move.

I'm thinking that it is long past time to go back to my Willowcrest house, which never did get finished as I bogged down on the vast amount of interior accessorising needed for a knitting and quilt shop.  My DH came up with a great name for the shop:  "The Quilted Sheep", which I rather like.  I did a quick Google and of course others have already thought of it, but as my Willowcrest won't actually be a commercial business, I don't think they will mind  :)  The house has been waiting very patiently for some more attention.  The knitting shop is basically done, but the quilting shop is still a mess and needs lots of mini quilts made for it.  The workshop area on the top floor also needs some attention and accessorising.  Although I have to say that the scale looks so big after working in 1/24th for so long!


  1. I love the name "The Quilted Sheep". I also love making mini quilts, and that little box bed shouted at me too to make it for the servant's room in my Georgian Manor but it would be perfect for a little boy's room. Think how exciting he'll find it to go to sleep in a cupboard! Judith x

  2. Ahhhhh I'll miss checking in to see your progress here. I hope you'll still post the accessories you get etc. I'm glad that you have another blog. This blog has been very inspirational.


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