Sunday, 3 July 2011


This week I made a home for the teeny-tiny furniture so it doesn't get lost, and made a towel for the bathroom so that the occupants can finally dry their hands after washing them.

Play Trunk

I had this bare wood trunk which I picked up cheaply at a dollshouse show.  I was thinking it would go in the little boy's room.  But I wanted a home for the teeny-tiny furniture to reduce the chance of it falling out and going missing.

I painted it in colours to match the other furniture pieces in the girl's room.

I had some 'extra art' that came with the Flutterby bed, so I used it to trim the trunk.

Then I experimented with arranging the teeny-tiny furniture on top of the trunk.  The viewing angle will be from the front of the room, so I angled the furniture to be most visible from the side.  I used Tacky Wax to stick the furniture down, so it isn't permanent.  The rug is a little scrap of art.

And here it is in the girl's room.

Hand Towel for bathroom

I bought some tissues from Cath Kidston last year, which were very pretty but not very good for their intended purpose as they are very coarse, more like serviettes.  But I thought they might make a nice hand towel for the bathroom.

I cut a small piece to be the towel.

I looked around for a ring of the right size, and found this key ring which I could re-purpose. I used the medium ring that is connecting the key ring to the chain. I also found a little metal floret that I cut off of a brooch finding.

I folded the paper in thirds, threaded it through the ring and glued it into shape.  Then I glued the ring to the floret, and glued the whole thing to the wall.


  1. I love what you've done with this furniture! The bathroom is amazing! I bought a 1/2 scale Fairfield house a while back. It's still in the box. LOL
    I'm off to see more of your house. :D

  2. It's all beautiful. So pretty and feminine, and I love the way you have put the teeny tiny furniture in the little girl's room.
    Sandie, (Snippets from my Studio) gsolfot


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