Saturday, 25 June 2011

Teeny tiny treasures

This week I put together the tiny little 'Miss Lydia Pickett' furniture which is roughly 144th scale.

They went together quite easily.  My main fear was that I was going to drop one of the tiny pieces and never see it again.  I worked in a good light over the upturned lid of a shoe box, so that all the pieces stayed inside the lid and didn't get lost.

Although the end result is quite realistic, there are actually remarkably few pieces.

Bed - there are three pieces:  a thick 'mattress' of wood, and two filigree ends.  You glue an end to either side of the mattress and there's your bed.  The kit provides thin batting for the 'poof' of the mattress, and printed fabric for the bedcover and pillows.

Wardrobe - two pieces:  one thick cut body piece, which has been cleverly detailed with partial laser cuts to give the illusion of a door and pull out storage boxes, and a thin top piece.  A tiny piece of artwork is provided for gluing on the 'door'.

Clock - this is a single piece cut from thick wood, with laser detailing on the front including a carved out circle for the clock face.  There is no artwork, the effect of a clock face and front detailing is done with paint.

Day Bed - this was the trickiest to put together but not hard.  There were five pieces:  a back, seat, front, and two side pieces.  Printed fabric is provided for the seat cushion.

Chicken Coop cupboard - three pieces.  The body is thick cut wood, with partial laser cuts hollowing out the centre to give the illusion of 'shelves'.  There is a filigree front, and a top piece.

Painting has to be done carefully with watered down paint, to avoid filling in the detail lines.  Suggestions for colour are included in the instructions.

I'm really pleased with how these turned out, and I couldn't resist snapping some photos of the tiny furniture with its 1/24th counterparts.  Can you spot the tiny piece in each photo?


  1. Impresionante, perfecto y precioso trabajo .Enhorabuena !!!.Saludos.Ana

  2. HI!! I adore your sweet house!!! I invited you to participate in my little plants giveaway,

  3. Wow! Those are teeny, tiny, and amazing! I love your house too!

  4. SO stinking cute! I want them all. Great job!

  5. Very very nice and so well done !

  6. Isn't the Lydia Pickett furniture just delightful? You have done a wonderful job of assembling both scales and your house looks beautiful. Your tactic of assembling the tiny bits over a shoe box lid is excellent. Sandie, gsolfot (Snippets from my Studio)


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