Sunday, 4 September 2011

Clutter making

This week I've still been working on the printables to create more clutter for the boy's room.  One of the reasons I prefer building houses to furnishing them, is that you can spend hours on making accessories with very little to show for it. 

This week I've put together:

- board games: boards glued onto card
- board games in boxes: didn't use bottom of box.  Cut piece of wood to correct size, painted edges in toning colour, and glued cover over board.
- keyboard:  this didn't have instructions but I think I got the correct result.  It's open underneath, and a bit floppy so I glued some card under the keyboard to make it look flatter.  End result isn't great, I think I will hide it under the bench in the room so it's not on full view.
- school supplies:  two notebooks with pages, a steno pad, a box of crayons.
- a mock Kentucky Fried Chicken takeaway box
- some fake books, and some covers glued onto real books.
- a puzzle, with an opening puzzle box

I took some of these and started to fill up the boy's bookshelf.  Taking inspiration from my own DS's room, I shoved the games boxes in rather haphazardly.

I've pretty much used up the printables now that I found online.  But I'm hoping to go to the big Miniatura dollshouse show at the NEC Birmingham in a few weeks, and I will look out for more 1:24 accessories there.  There are usually some, even though the smaller scales aren't as popular here as they are in the States. 

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  1. I agree it's a lot of effort and doesn't seem to be a lot to show but boy! - it does really make a difference to a room. And your accessories are spot on for the boy's room! They are well chosen and beautifully done. And when put in the room they will make a huge difference to the feeling of being 'lived in'. Well done! Sandie


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