Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kitchen kapers

This week I am still bashing the kitchen kit.  I'm almost ready to start painting now.

I cut the dishwasher down fairly easily, using a razor saw.  The only problem is that the door hinges protrude below the cut line, so I will have to snip off the tips of those.  Then the door will still open but it will fall off - but I could stick it open if I wanted to do a scene with the door partly ajar.

I assembled the upper cupboard as per the kit instructions.  You can see the wine storage shelves at the right. 

I assembled the right hand cupboard from the kit, which would normally house the sink, as per the kit instructions.  I had a little trouble with the corner shelves.  The instructions say to glue the shelves even with the right edge, so they protrude on the left edge (front edge) of the side wall. But when you glue on the back of the unit, it has grooves cut into it, to receive the back of the shelves.  If the shelves are even with the right edge, then the grooves will just be empty air and won't be supporting the back of the shelves.  I compromised and nudged the shelves so they were sticking out the back a little, to fit into the grooves on the back.
The Miss Lydia Pickett (LP) kitchen island has drawer and basket detail on the front side facing the viewer, which puts it on the wrong side for the imaginary cook using the kitchen. I'm tempted to do the same, so as not to just be presenting a blank wall to the viewer.  I might try to use the fridge trim (which I don't need) to create faux cupboard detail on the sink side of the island.

The pantry cupboard is made from 1/3rd of the original oven/pantry/fridge unit, similar to the way I made the standalone oven unit.  I cut new side pieces from the remaining third of the front and back of the original unit, as I am not going to make the refrigerator from the kit.  Oh, and when it says 'dry fit the shelves and then glue', it turns out the shelves have a right way up.  I was concentrating on centering them to fit into the cut-out in the front piece, and forgot to check that the trim piece matched the shelves.  It didn't because I'd glued them the wrong way up.  Luckily I was able to pry them apart later and do it again - I love tacky glue.
So now all the basic pieces are assembled, and I can start painting.

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  1. Look how well your planning came out - everything fits just perfectly!


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