Sunday, 6 March 2011

Decisions, decisions - girl's bedroom vote please

This week I put together the Flutterby Child's Bed, but I need to decide where to put the furniture in the girl's room.  I took pics of several different arrangements - let me know which is your favourite!

Kit review: Flutterbye Butterfly Collection child's Bed P040 1/24th scale

This little bed is a bit like a sleigh bed, only with a high headboard. This is a fairly simple kit to put together.  The pieces are cleanly cut by laser and with minimal charring:  two sides, headboard, footboard, bed base and tops for the headboard and footboard.  The supplied artwork is charming as always.

  • Trace around the bed base onto cardboard before assembling the bed - the cardboard will form the base of your mattress.  The instructions say to do this at the end, but it would save time to draw the pattern now rather than trying to make a mattress base to fit later on.
  • The footboard fits between the sides but I found that my bed base was a smidgen too long, causing my footboard to stand slightly proud of the sides.  The artwork has concealed this, but a dry run would have been good to pick up this issue earlier and I could have sanded the bed base slightly shorter.
  • I decided to add a narrow shelf into my high headboard, because it looked like a bookcase to me.  I had a bed when I was little that had a handy shelf to hold books and an alarm clock.  I cut some of the spare wood from the kit surround to the same length as the headboard width, and decorated it with the spare artwork provided in the kit.  To begin with, I placed the shelf lower down but then I realised it was too close to the pillows, and moved it higher.
Following the instructions for the mattress, I used two layers of cotton quilt batting and covered it with scrap fabric.

I made some little pillows, the blue ones are about 1/2" square.  The pink one is smaller, and I need to glue some trim around the seam to hide the stitches.

Room arrangement

As the child's bed is child-size, I still have loads of space in this room even with all the furniture now complete.  I'm not sure how to arrange it.  I'm thinking of making a draped canopy over the bed of some kind.

I think this is my favourite arrangement.  It puts the full-size chest of drawers at the back, to minimise its size difference, and brings the cute wardrobe to the front.  Let's call this 'Arrangement A'

Arrangement B

Arrangement C



 - kind of like the dresser and the bed at the back like that.

G (same as A, except bench and bookcase swapped)

Looking forward to your views!


  1. B is my fav!! I love the kits your making, so cute!!!

  2. Mmm, tough decision. I don't mind A either, but maybe try the large chest of drawers central on the wall it's against, and the little bookcase under the window.

    I also don't mind arrangement B, but with the bookcase against the window wall and placed towards the front of the photo (away from the bed). Hope that makes sense!

    Love the bed by the way, so cute! I have the Sweet Annie set in quarter scale. (but it's not put together)

  3. I like 'D' the best followed by 'A' :D i think the shelves at the front so you can show off lots of treasures :D Linda x


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