Sunday, 13 March 2011

A nice place to sit

This week I have been making places to sit.  First of all, thank you to those who have voted on the best arrangement for the little girl's room (see previous post) - your comments have given me some great ideas.  If you haven't voted, please have a look and let me know what you think.

I put together the second Flutterbye Chair this week, so the set is complete.

Then I was working on the windowseat in the kitchen.  I cut two pieces of craft foam to fit inside the bay, and glued them together for a double thickness.

When I papered the kitchen, I had just glued flaps inside the window aperture, so it wasn't very tidy.  I painted some lengths of kebab stick to match the window, and after I took this picture, I glued them down the sides of the window to tidy up the edges.  I glued a leftover length of plastic skirting along the top edge of the opening to trim that. Although now that I've seen the high res photos (which show much more detail than my own eyes can pick up on) I can see that I need to touch up the paint on that a bit.

Then I made the cushion the same way as I made the outdoor cushions, by wrapping fabric around and gluing on the reverse.  On this cushion, I added faux piping around the front edge by twisting a single strand of embroidery floss into a doubled cord and gluing it on.

This fabric is probably a bit too large scale, but I really liked the colour in this room.

This will be a good place to put little throw pillows to make it really cosy. I might add a window treatment which would hide the untidy top edge - will have to think about that once the dining set is finished.

I am running out of things to procrastinate with instead of tackling the kitchen - am going to have to open those scary bags of a kazillion kitchen kit pieces soon.

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  1. I love your bow window so much I might just have to put one in my Fairfield too, I think. I am a sucker for window seats too (memories of my childhood days at my Nana's house). And the coop is in the perfect position there.


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