Sunday, 5 September 2010

Shingling is killing my brain cells

I'm still shingling and so far this has to be the least enjoyable part of the build.  As well as being fiddly, and slow, it is also incredibly annoying due to the size variation in the Greenleaf shingles.  Dealing with too-short shingles and too-narrow shingles is throwing off my rows and my rhythm.

I am slowly working my way up the front/side roof.  I am doing them all at the same time, so that the rows line up.  This means that on every row I have to cut shingles to fit into the valleys around the dormer and between the two roofs. You can see my half-inch guidelines on the side roof.  You can also see how uneven the tops of the shingle rows are due to the varying height of the shingles, grrrrrr.

I'm also not very happy with the spacing of my first three rows on the main roof.  Now that I am several rows up, it is bugging me that the second row isn't centred between the starting row and the third row.  However, I expect this will be less obvious once it's all painted.

Today I went to the Epsom Dollshouse Fair and picked up some sticks of wood 1.5mm x 5mm which will be my fascia boards to hide the front roof edges once the shingles are on and painted.  I also got some 1/24 cornicing, but I thought it was rather expensive at .90p per wall-length piece. I got six sticks of coving and six sticks of cornicing, which should be enough for four rooms.


  1. ¡Eres muy perfecionista! Es un trabajo pesado y tu haces muy bien. Seguro que cuando esté pintado y con algun nido de pajaro :) puede disimularse el error.
    ¡Animo! Ya queda menos.
    Besos Clara

  2. Hi,

    The bottom three rows are more accurate than the rest of the roof, as the tiles should overlap by just over half the length of the tile to prevent water ingress. I know it is not going to be out in the rain, but by keeping to prototypical practice, makes the effort worth while. If a jobs worth doing..........



  3. I feel your pain with the shingles. I love working on the shops where shingles can be sloppy like the diagon shops. That's my kind of shingles. Jenn

    Hey did ya see I got out my fairfield, it's out in the light of day now and no longer in the closet. lol.

    Im going to make a space for it on my shelf so i dont forget about it. i have more plans in my head now to for the top floor balcony to run around to the windows. Hummmm


  4. I'm sure you won't see the spacing of the shingles once it is painted. People tend to look at the house in its entirety, whereas we as the maker look at all the details that annoy us. That's the curse of perfectionists :(


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