Monday, 30 August 2010

A shingle a day - gets the house off the dining table

Still slowly shingling.

As per my previous post, I extended the shingling line across the master bedroom cut-out, so that the right-hand shingle rows would be properly aligned.

When I reached the top of the master bedroom cut-out, I once again cut curved shingles for the corners, and ran a line of upside-down shingles across the top of the cut-out.  Once the glue dried I trimmed the reversed shingles to the correct height.

I trimmed shingles to fit closely around the chimney.

And here is the finished side/back roof.  You can see that I butted the top row of shingles up against the top row of the other roof.  Once the glue dried, I trimmed off the projecting shingles with scissors along the roof peak, in preparation for applying ridge tiles once all the shingling is done.

Now I have started the front roof. Although I started the first row on the side roof at the usual 3/4", I have squeezed the next two rows a bit closer than 1/2".  This is so that the third row lines up with the start of the shingling on the front roof and gives a continuous line.

First of all, I filled in the corner with some cut shingle, around the start of the front roof (this is a close up to the right of the dormer). You can see how far below the pencil line my shingles are.

By also starting the next row below the pencil line, it is going to line up with the start of the shingling on the front roof.  Once I have a few rows done on both roofs, I will gradually revert to the correct pencil lines on the side roof.  I  need to do that so that the shingles on this side will match the shingling on the other side once I reached the roof peak. It would look odd if the last row was really short on one side of the peak and really long on the other. 


  1. Hi,
    What do you intend for the valley join of the two rooves, are you going to create a lead valley ?.



  2. shingles are my least favourate job on the house. Looking great!! I have not done any work to my fairfield as of late but I did buy some furniture for it. lol


  3. ¡Cuanto trabajo! Ya llevas muy adelantado el tejado, pero estás trabajando y calculando muy bien.
    Besos Clara.

  4. More helpful tips - thank you!


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