Sunday, 22 May 2011

Kitchen stools (but I've been cheating)

This week I finished off the dining set and converted the plant stands into stools. But I have to confess I've been cheating on the house build as I've been spending a lot of time converting a machine quilting frame, and I've just started quilting my first quilt on it.

I finished the other three chairs and then dressed the dining table with some of my purchases from Kensington Dollshouse Festival.  I used one of the placemats that came with the kit, as a centre mat, and added the pot plant I bought (after dry brushing white onto the pot to tone it better into the colour scheme) and the brass candlesticks.  I've put the other purchases into the china cabinet for now.

I had also purchased two plant stands at the fair, to turn into stools for the breakfast bar.  As you can see, they were too tall for the breakfast bar to start with, but about the right size otherwise to be stools.

I carefully pried off the top of the plant stand with a sharp scalpel and cut down the sides, then glued back the braces and the top.  I cut a piece of thin card to be slightly smaller  than the seat, and glued some polyester wadding onto it.  One stool came out quite well, the other came out a bit crooked so I will put it at the back where it isn't so obvious! I painted the stools to match the cupboards.

Then I covered the card/wadding with fabric, and glued them onto the stools.  I finished around the edge with a twist of embroidery thread the same as the dining chairs.

All's I need to do now is to glue down the kitchen island to the floor, and the kitchen is basically finished apart from adding any further accessories.

I was thinking about what I should do next.  I have that second Miss Lydia Pickett sofa kit for the living room, so I think I will build that.  There really isn't a lot left to do on the house, apart from I still haven't found furniture that I like for the boy's room.  Really I need to be making loads of accessories but I can already feel my procrastination growing.  I'm not very good at 'finishing' my houses, although I suppose you can say that dollshouses are never really finished as you can always add things.  But it's the house build that I really enjoy.


  1. I'm the same! Once I know basically how a house will look I tend to get sidetracked by another project vbg. Very clever idea to use the plant stands as stools. They're beautiful. Hugs, Sandie


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