Sunday, 24 April 2011

Cabinets installed

I had an extra day to work on this as we are having a four-day weekend in the UK for Easter, so I spent a pleasant few hours in my bedroom listening to podcasts while I worked on the kitchen.

Before I installed the cabinets, I wanted to trim out the room.  I framed the door openings with 1/32 by 1/4" wood, painted to match the cabinets. I also glued a short length along the top of the bay window to hide the wobbly edge of the cutout.

Then I added coving around the edges of the ceiling, again painted to match the cupboards.

At long last I could glue in the upper cabinet / oven cabinet combo.

Once the glue had set on the wall cupboard, I glued on the 'tile' paper - overlapping it right onto the oven cupboard. This paper was a cut-out from a magazine, and I sealed it with Decoart Multi-Purpose Sealer.

Then I glued the sink cupboard on top of the 'tile'.  To my relief the tiles line up fine with the countertop, and the tap is centred under the cut-away in the wall cupboard.

Then I glued in the dishwasher, and glued on an end wall which I cut from the original countertop that came with the kit.  I love this picture, it looks like you could walk right into the house.

Tonight I have spent about three hours assembling tiny little 'groceries' to stock the shelves with.  The colour printables of labels and boxes come with the kit.  The kit also includes some wooden forms of various sizes, including a dowel for the 'tin cans'.  I found that I had to use mostly my own wood scraps as the forms that come with the kit are either too thick, or not the right shape, for the printables.  It is incredibly time consuming, I feel like I have very little to show for my evening even though I managed to make about 30 tiny groceries. I took this in-progress picture about halfway through the job.

I may be going to the London Kensington dollshouse show, where I will have to look for some 1/24th scale wine bottles to go in my wine holder, and hopefully a couple of stools for the breakfast bar.

DS still hasn't painted the other little car for me, although I have asked several times (some might call it nagging but I just don't want him to forget  :)


  1. Beautiful work! You have such patience and skill. Keep posting!

  2. I've been delinquent in following up on my blog reading, and I've just caught up on reading your blog tonight. I am so impressed with the work you've been doing, makes me think I could even tackle a 1/24 scale project. You're work is very inspiring! I love the kitchen cabinet kit you've been bashing, you've done a wonderful job adapting it to your project. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  3. It's looking great, I love it!

  4. I know what you mean about close up photos showing off all the flaws, but I can't detect any in your work. Great job!

  5. You've done a fantastic job with these cupboards! The little house is really coming together!

  6. Fantastic kits. I love half scale; just found your site so love to see the progress.

  7. I feel too as though I could walk right in through that door! You are meticulous in your work, stop worrying about things that show up in high definition photos - it gives a chance to fix them if it is necessary. But unless it is necessary (seen with the naked eye), leave well enough alone. Your kitchen is great, you have done a superb job of kitbashing both it and the house and your attention to detail shows.


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