Sunday, 21 November 2010

My mini work station

We finally said farewell to our French exchange student on Saturday, so today we have been trying to get the house back to normal and retrieve all the clutter from the hidey holes where we concealed it.

One big piece of clutter is, of course, the Fairfield, and I had to decide what to do about it.  In less than three weeks, I will be having some people to lunch for a family birthday, and then a few weeks after that will be Christmas.  So there didn't seem much point in re-installing the Fairfield construction station in the kitchen, as it would only have to be moved.

After a bit of thought, this is what I've come up with.  It is yet another picnic table, but a smaller one this time, and I have managed to squeeze it into my bedroom between the bed and the window.  It isn't ideal, but as the major construction is all finished now, I think this will be ok for working on the details inside.  And I can always bring a furniture kit downstairs and spread out on the kitchen table on a weekend. 

Otherwise, the only thing I did this week was to finish cleaning up the base of the mezzanine railing, and touching up the paint.  I applied one coat of semi-gloss varnish to the white posts, which makes it look more finished.

Judith shocked me by suggesting that I had been working on this house for a year now.  I thought "surely not" and checked my first blog entry, which was 2 April 2010.  So it has been six months.  One day if I ever have the time, money and display space, I would love to tackle the Beacon Hill.  But do the math.  If the Fairfield takes me more than six months, and The Willowcrest took me two years (and it isn't finished), god knows how long a Beacon Hill would take!

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  1. On the other hand, there's no pressure to meet a deadline is there? My only worry is that I have so many houses to finish and I'm getting older. I'm running out of time but you aren't :)


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