Sunday, 13 February 2011

Interior decorating

This week I have been working on the internal decoration for the two children's room.

In the girl's room, I added the internal window frame. Unlike the windows on the replacement wall, which were in slightly thicker MDF, the girl's window is in the original Greenleaf plywood and therefore the Grandtline window frame protruded very slightly into the room. That meant that I couldn't just glue a card frame on top of the opening as I did for the other windows. I solved that by cutting the frame into two halves to put it around the protruding window, and adding a new 'sill' with a scrap bit of cornice. I painted this frame white to fit in with the pastel decor.

I added skirting to the two rooms, again using the plastic strip and leaving it white. I selected pale green velvet paper for the girl's carpeting, and pale blue velvet paper for the boy's carpet, and applied these using double-sided tape.  I don't have any furniture for the boy's room yet - so that is going to have to wait until I see something that inspires me.

I am going to make an upper curtain, somehow, to fit the gothic point of the girl's room, which will go on the top of the window. I didn't want to hide the rest of the window completely behind a curtain as the shape is so pretty, so I applied a half-curtain of pleated lace. I cut this from a length of pre-pleated nylon lace that I bought from Bluebell Miniatures some time ago.  I bought this lace in four different widths so I can use it in a variety of windows.  I still had to cut it down a bit to use it on the Fairfield window, so I ran a length of sewing cotton through the pleats first, before cutting it.

Front porch

I had these two metal benches which are meant to go with the plastic light-up christmas houses you can buy in gift shops around Christmas-time.  They are a bit smaller than 1/24th scale, but they happen to fit perfectly into the sides of the front porch.

I sprayed them white by hanging them on a long thread, which I draped over a branch of our apple tree, so that I could spray them without having to touch them anywhere.

The next step will be to make some pretty cushions for them.  I'm also going to have a go at making some hanging flower baskets for the front and back porches.


  1. Very cute. The colours look great together.

  2. Great idea! And the flower baskets will look lovely too. Mini hugs, Sandie


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