Saturday, 8 January 2011

Minimalist living room

This week I have been working on the living room, although the Lydia Pickett house really doesn't have much furniture for this room.  I will have to keep my eyes open for suitable additions.  I'd already previously built the sofa kit, coffee table kit, and terrarium, and had half-built the Cottage Clock kit.

So I finished the clock kit, experimenting a bit with distressing it by drybrushing very lightly with chocolate brown acrylic paint.

I used a carpet that was a free gift from Judith of In Some Small Way because it was a good colour match for the room.  The sofa kit makes up with four cushions, I have lightly secured them in place by pushing a very short applique pin down the back of each one and into the seat cushion.  The coffee table comes with a little suitcase which I have added to the shelf below the table.  The terrarium, although cute, is relatively large and I had trouble finding a place for it.  It can't go opposite the sofa as then there isn't room to walk past the coffee table.  It looked odd in the corner where the clock is now, so for the moment I have positioned it in the front corner of the room. 

I don't think that I am going to have curtains in this room.  The windows are such a pretty shape, and the wallpaper is such a statement, that curtains just seem like they would be too much.  The little hall table is going to go around the corner, behind the stairs.

I've been looking at the lovely Lydia Pickett kitchen, which isn't made in 1/24th scale, and comparing it with the substitute kitchen that I have bought from Judith.  I am going to have to do some considerable kit bashing to contort Judith's kitchen into an approximation of the LP kitchen.  Hers is designed to fit around three sides of a room, and I want mine to have an island in the centre like LP's.  I've made up the dining room table and chairs but haven't painted them yet.  I want to wait and see what the kitchen turns out like, before I choose the colour for the dining set.  But I have made up the chicken coop cupboard, and that will go in the dining room.


  1. I agree with no curtains.

    Sounds like the furniture is coming along nicely!

  2. Your work is amazing. Compliments for your fantasy...

  3. I'm so pleased that your mini people have room to walk past the coffee table :-) It always worries me when houses are so crowded that no-one could possibly walk through them. Love the positioning of your furniture. Are you going to put anything into the greenhouse? I am trying to decide what to put in mine. Mini hugs, Sandie


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