Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year and master bedroom

Happy 2011, let's hope this is a year full of minis and finishing outstanding projects and inspiration.  Having said that, I am feeling absolutely rubbish at the moment, full of a head cold that kept me up all night New Year's Eve with aches and pains and a general inability to breathe through my nose.  I was therefore working on my Fairfield at 3am last night, mainly just grip-waxing the master bedroom furniture in. So hopefully 2011 can only get better  :)

I finished the bathroom as far as I can, although it probably needs more accessories.  I've applied the skirting, added a chair, filled the toilet shelves with TP and books and a little painted pot, and finished off the sink.  I did the sink slightly differently than the kit suggests, as my added taps were in the way of gluing the small shelves where they were meant to go, just above the sink.  Instead I glued the shelves to the sides of the surround, and added the little soap to one of them.  For similar reasons, I cut down the door keyplate so that it fits just above the sink.  I thought it looked too high in the original in any case, if it were meant to be an ex-door, the handle wouldn't be so far up the door.  I've realised there is nowhere to hang a towel on this sink, I need to think about that, perhaps put a towel ring holder on the wall next to it. I've added a few toiletries made out of beads to the side of the bath.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom was a lot quicker to do as I had already built all the furniture.  These were the first kits I received when I founded and joined Judith's monthly Lydia Pickett club (In Some Small Way).  I flirted briefly with the idea of whitewashed floorboards but decided that I would really want to feel carpet under my feet when I got up in the morning.  Velvet scrapbooking paper is hard to find in my neck of the woods, I mailordered a few sheets in blue online, but they looked stodgy when they arrived.  Then I found this polkadot velvet paper in my stash, and decided it had the fresh look of whimsy I was going for.  I had already furnished the dresser with various perfume pots and I have now added the 'silver' dressing set which Judith sells (DH kindly painted the bristles for me).  It's still a bit bare in the room and could do with more accessories, but I'm pleased with the start I've made.

Looking at these pictures, I think I am going to have to do something more to finish off the join in the two roof pieces, it looks a bit rough where the two wallpapered edges are coming together.  I also need to kit out the desk with suitable paperwork.


  1. Beautiful as always. I love the bed.

  2. This is a wonderful way of extending the bedroom, I think the dressing room and desk area is brilliant. The bedroom looks great. The bathroom is beautiful too, you have added some lovely touches to it and all it needs is some towels for your mini people to be able to luxuriate in that decadent looking bath! Hugs, Sandie


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