Sunday, 25 July 2010

Summertime, and the living is easy...

...however, not very productive.  Between school getting out, hot evenings and going away on the weekend, I haven't really done much this week and probably am not going to get much done for most of August.

I can share some eye candy, because now that the roof is on, the silhouette of the house is pretty much finalised.  It is such a cute house, and I think bears a fraternal resemblance to the Pickett Hill (PH) .  I can't wait to get the windows in but they are so fragile that I don't dare put them in until everything else is finished. I haven't put the bedroom divider wall in yet either, as I want to leave working room for finishing the stair rail and the bedroom doors.

About the only thing I have done this week is to start planning for shingling the roof.  I have wrapped the house in cling film as a preventative measure (speaking from bitter experience here) and stuffed bubble wrap into the exposed attic rooms.  I gave the roof a base coat of Anita's Dusty Green, which I am also using for the shutters, but decided I don't like the colour on the roof as there isn't enough contrast.  Yesterday I bought some FolkArt Brilliant Green and will paint a bit of roof as a trial to see if I like that better.

I'm rather dubious about the shingles which came with the kit, which are of the thinnest veneer.  I'm a bit worried that they will curl when painted with water-based acrylic paint.  I might shingle a little bit of one roof, let it dry, then test paint it just to see what happens.  My plan is to shingle the roof flush with the edges of each roof panel, then apply bargeboard to cover up the rough edge of the roof, and glue more of the trim I used on the conservatory, underneath the eaves as gingerbread.


  1. I had the same concerns about the shingles, which is why I didn't use them on my Fairfield. I have plans to use them in another project, but now that you're testing them I'll hold off until I've read about your results. Thanks!

  2. Ya tienes la casa muy adelantada. No tengas prisa por poner el tabique, trabajaras mejor. En agosto se trabaja menos, así que no te preocupes, yo iré entrando para ver los avances. Besos. Clara.

  3. Eye candy indeed! Wow is all I can say.


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