Saturday, 26 June 2010

Conservatory finished

It's finished!

All the trim is on, and I've touched up the paint.  Before I did the final paint job, I strengthened the join where the roof meets the walls by using a trick from my modeller DH and DS, called pinning.

I drilled a hole through the roof beam down into the wall, using a fine micro drill.

Then I cut a straight sewing pin using wirecutters.

Then I applied the sewing pin into the hole, with a dab of superglue, and pushed the pin down flush with the surface.  A bit of paint and it is all hidden.

I'd painted the Houseworks french doors earlier, but it comes with a do-it-yourself grill consisting of pieces of wood that you have to cut to size.  As usual I spent just as long trying to get glue off of the glass as I did trying to get the slats to stick.  Luckily I had a pack of 1/24th scale doorknobs so once I'd glued those on, I went ahead and glued the door in.  It projects on the inside as it is thicker than the wall, but I think it will look ok once I have a door frame around it. Looking at these photos, I can see there is a slight gap at the bottom of the door, so I will glue some trim along there.  Curse these high-res photos, things always look much worse than in real life, every little flaw is magnified on the screen.


  1. It looks fantastic!

    Thanks for the tip about pinning, I'm sure I'll put that to good use one day.

  2. I think it looks amazing. Sorry for not leaving a comment, I tend to look and just admire alot!! The house is really taking shape!


  3. The pinning tip is great - thank you!


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