Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Last day of freedom

I start my new job tomorrow, so today was my last free day.  And I had to spend part of it tidying the house for the in-laws and running errands. But I still got some work done on the house.  Progress will be a lot slower from now on as I will be tired in the evenings and will have more stuff to do on weekends now that I am not going to be home in the day.

In the morning, I taped the house together again to draw pencil lines to mark the floors and ceilings for cutting wallpaper. Now that it has been primed white, it is easier to see what the finished house will look like. I had to do a certain amount of cleaning out of paint from slots and tabs to get it to go together smoothly, even though I tried to be careful when I was painting.

Painting the plastic windows and doors:  I stuck the plastic windows and doors onto a stick with masking tape and took them outside to spray auto primer on them.  Then I started painting them with Games Workshop Bleached Bone which doesn't cover very well, so I will probably have to do two or three coats.

Filling unwanted slots:  There are three unnecessary slots which I need to fill in.  The way I fill slots is to back the slot with a piece of masking tape, then fill it with multi-purpose filler.  Once that is dry, I remove the masking tape, sand the first lot of filler, and finish it again using fine surface filler, then sand again once that is dry. This picture shows the first coat of filler prior to sanding and before cleaning up the remaining slot shape.

I am facing a bit of a challenge which is to find a suitable wallpaper for the double height room.  The original Pickett Hill (PH) house has a lovely mural paper of trees reaching up the wall.  It seems to be a bit feeble to just use ordinary paper, so when I was out today I was looking in a few gift shops at wrapping paper, trying to find something suitable - but no luck so far.  I do have some lovely wrapping paper with a Venetian scene of the grand canal, but I think it may be a bit too overpowering in this scale.


  1. Minigraphics do 1" scale murals. Maybe one of them would do?? Take a look on their website.

  2. This looks fantastic! I have built the 48th scale Picket Hill and I can see all the similarities coming out already! I can't wait to see how you get on. The Lydia Picket Stuff is just so gorgeous!

  3. When I look at the house so far it looks almost like the PH! Your blog and Claire's (The Pin Factory) were both so inspiring for me when doing my quarter scale PH - thank you!


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