Monday, 12 April 2010

Away for the weekend

Not much happening as we were away for the weekend.  I did use the time one evening to draft a list of what needs to be done before I glue the house together - principally to take advantage of easy access while the pieces are still flat.  For example, I want to cut the wallpaper to size, and install the pieces that go on the central wall.  I want to cut the flooring to size, and install flooring in the bathroom and on the ground floor. I want to dry assemble the front door and surround while the front is flat, so it will be ready to glue in when the house is assembled.  I want to draw vertical guidelines on the outside walls for gluing on the vertical battens later.

Thanks to Shannonc60 from Australia, who suggested the Minigraphics range of 1/12 wallpaper which includes a few murals.  I have ordered a few sheets of the Williamsburg mural which looks like it might be perfect for the double height room if it isn't too out of scale.  I couldn't find a UK supplier so that is coming from an Ebay trader in Australia.  If it is suitable, then I will install it on the end wall before gluing the house together.

I had a brainwave about how to deal with the round window which is too thick for the thin Greenleaf plywood.  I think I can cut an inner wall out of foamcore, which won't show as all the edges will be hidden behind the roof.  That would make the wall around the round aperture thicker.

Meanwhile I am still painting windows and doors when I get the chance.  Having a new job is cutting into my craft time!

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  1. Painting those doors and windows seems to take forever! But doing it in advance sure beats having to stop and wait for them to dry before you can go on with the construction stage. I like to get them done early, then sand them off and touch them up if necessary while I am waiting for glue to dry during construction. And doing things like you are before the house is glued together certainly saves time later on too.


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