Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The mother of all gothick

I have to blog about the amazing house we visited a few weekends ago: Strawberry Hill in Twickenham.

Created by Horace Walpole in the 18th century, the house is one the finest examples of Georgian Gothic revival architecture.  It's recently undergone a major restoration and the internal rooms are gradually being opened to the public as they are restored.  There isn't much furniture as it was all sold off, but the architectural details are just wonderful.  

The whole thing reminded me so strongly of the Gothick Gatehouse dollshouse that used to be available, which featured the same trefoil windows and Sue Cook gothic details.  I wonder if this house was their inspiration?

You could make an amazing dollshouse out of some of these features.


  1. Just amazing, all that detail. The molding on the interiors looks like its piped on with frosting. You were fortunate to be able to see it in person. Cheers!

  2. WOW, great architecture. No pictures of any Gothic toilets? :) Thanks for posting these pictures.

  3. This place was used as a location for some scenes of the film Possession, from the novel by AS Byatt much that is inspiring my journey through the world in miniature. Thanks for these photos.

  4. What a stunning building! I too can see it as inspiration for a wonderful dollhouse. Good to see you posting. Hugs, Sandie


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