Sunday, 12 December 2010

More planting

Despite losing two days this past week for a work trip, I did manage to get some more planting done on the garden.

I made this clematis to climb up the corner of the back garden.

To make the clematis, I cut a tapered wedge from this 'scatter', which is like medium flock stuck onto a web of threads.  Using small scissors, I cut the fat end of the wedge into lots of fine fingers (stems).

I glued the un-cut end of the wedge to the ground/house, then started gluing the stems to climb up the sides of the house.  I used a glue syringe to apply thin lines of glue where I wanted to run a stem. I filled in additional branches with spare bits of stem.

The clematis flowers are punched blue flowers I bought from Georgina Steeds at Miniatura.  I cupped each one by pressing an embossing tool on the cut -out, against a soft eraser.  Then I made a yellow centre by touching a toothpick of yellow paint into the centre of the flower.  I found this was a lot harder than it sounds as the flowers are so small, and there were several rejects. I glued the finished flowers onto the stem to complete the clematis.

I haven't finished the front and back gardens yet, but I have blocked in the basic shapes using foam clumps, scatter, lichen and the trees that I made earlier.  I've added a few flowers but still need to add more detail.

I added the remaining trees and bushes here and there around the other edges of the house.

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  1. Every detail is beautiful. I love the garden.


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